Florcar S.A. a used cars sale place, is a family company and has its center of operation in San José, Barrio Don Bosco, on the southern side of the park of the María Auxiliadora School, which acts independently with respect to any other company.

This organization orients its operations towards the import, distribution and commercialization of a wide range of used cars brought from the United States; these can be considered as being in great demand in the country, due to their quality and the variety of needs that they are able to fulfil for their users.

Florcar S.A. began its commercial activities in 1982 with the philosophy of growing into a prestigious company in its genre, to introduce cars characterized by having a working-class target purchasing public; that is, rural cars with prices accessible to people outside the Great Metropolitan Area and with limited resources.

Later on Florcar S.A began to experience a gradual annual growth in their business volume, achieved specially thanks to the incursion into new automobile lines and the increase of demand for the line it already had from its beginnings
As the years have passed Florcar S.A has been able to develop a rather ample portfolio of clients, who have helped to diversify this portfolio due to the good results obtained with the purchase of the vehicles.  It is fit to point out that Florcar S.A offers the option of financing through different Banking Institutions. As this activity demands it, the company also receives the vehicle that the client wishes to change as part of the payment.

In the beginning of 1985, the company built a larger locale, always located in San José, so that its growth began to be manifested more notably.

The line of vehicles that the company trades in ranges from cars, all terrain vehicles  to pick up´s of recent models, personally selected by its owners, which have generated positive results.  
The commercial atmosphere that companies that sell used cars face today is mucho more aggressive and complicated than some years ago.  The current environment presents a mucho more competitive scheme, in which the companies require greater efforts to face the challenges, the threats and the opportunities that the used cars market presents.

Because of the above, Florcar S.A takes into account these aspects in order to offer the client personalized attention and guarantee him the entire satisfaction of his wishes and needs.

For further information, please contact us at:
Telefone: (506)
2233 60 48 / (506) 2233 57 52
Fax: (506) 2256 76 48

E-mail: info@florcar.com

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